Custom design jewelry is our
speciality. Having jewelry made
specifically to your request is a very
personal, yet simple process. We
recommend before starting the
design process that you call to make
an appointment to meet with either
Bert III or A.J. for a personal
We have embraced technology,
allowing us to effectively
communicate our artistic ideas.
Using computer aided design and
manufacturing (CAD/CAM), we
visualize our idea of your jewelry on
the computer.
CAD allows us to illustrate the peice in 3 dimension on the computer screen, before we start making the
actual jewelry. This allows us to make modifications, at your request, prior to us starting the laborious
manufacturing process. The 3d renderings are so realistic there will be no doubt as to what the finial
jewelry will look like.
Utilizing the latest technologies,
decades of experience, and the
highest quality materials ensures that
every piece of jewelry we design and
create is one that will be cherished for
Unlike most jewelry stores, all custom
design work is performed in house by
us. Design, wax modeling, casting,
finishing, stone setting, and polishing
are expertly done by one of us. The
only limits are our imaginations.
Gold Thumb Jewelry Creations Inc ~ 460 West Patrick St ~ Frederick, MD 21701 ~ 301-662-0055